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ll MISA executive board members are held to high standards. It is their resposiblity to understand their positions and execute procedures as accordingly.

We are...

  • Professional
  • Hard Working
  • Punctual
  • Polite & Friendly
  • Intellectual
  • Fun!

Abraham Miller - amiller@business.rutgers.edu
Chon Lintakoon - chonl@business.rutgers.edu
Luz Kosar - kosar@business.rutgers.edu

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Nicki Ng


Major: MIS/Marketing

Graduation: 2018

Daniel Del Percio

Vice President

Major: MIS

Graduation: 2017

Ishan Shah


Major: MIS/Accounting

Graduation: 2018

Nimra Nisar


Major: MIS/Economics

Graduation: 2017

Smit Patel

VP of Community Service

Major: MIS/MIS

Graduation: 2017

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Monali Shah

VP of Marketing

Major: MIS/Supply Chain

Graduation: 2018

Raina Meyers

VP of Events

Major: MIS/Supply Chain

Graduation: 2018

Katrina Sarabia

Director of Information Technology

Major: MIS/Supply Chain

Graduation: 2017