What is MIS?/ You may discover it's for you!

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So, what's an "MIS" major?
Management Information Systems. Folks who major in MIS excel in applying information technologies to solving business problems and achieving business goals.
What do MIS graduates do?
At its core, MIS involves analyzing organization needs, understanding the available technologies and helping to create solutions that delight users. (And yes, if our systems don't delight users, we have failed!) We are not computer scientists, but we can do some programming).
Why do MIS graduates have high salaries?
Good salaries go to folks who have skills and abilities that are in demand and are in relatively short supply. MIS skills are increasingly in demand as new technologies hit the marketplace, and as organizations struggle to match their needs with appropriate technologies.
What jobs can I get?
Know that terrific website that makes it so easy to buy stuff from them? Chances are the site was conceived and designed by an MIs professional. Wonder how a family-owned business can grow and compete with "big box" stores? Well, MIS consultants can work with the management to help them do just that! Ever wonder how organizations create computer security policies & procedures to safeguard their hardware, software, and intellectual property? MIS again!
Can I find a job in the North East if I have an MIS degree?
Will I become a GEEK if I study MIS?
No, true geeks never seem to include us in their membership drives! Non-MIS folks think of us with a combination of: Awe (how do we make it all work?) and Fear (we can make it look easy, but they fear it will be hard for them to use).

Our Skills

  • Conceptual · 100%
  • Technical · 100%
  • Analytical · 100%
  • Interpersonal · 100%

Management Information Systems Association dedicates all events and activities to the students at Rutgers University-Newark and this year, also NJIT.  Our target is for all the student body and not just students who major in Management Information Systems at the same time creating awareness for this major.  These skills, ranging from technical to interviewing, are part of the success of the individual.  As we aim to gain success from our club, we are also aiming to gain success for our members for their future endeavors.

Management Information Systems (MIS) means studying the aspects of computers and information systems that are critical for operating and managing modern organizations. In particular, we focus on database technology, decision support, and security.

For additional, current & more complete information visit the offical department website:
Our Headquarters
1 Washington Park
Newark NJ 07102

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